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Compactor & Recycling


(ABOVE) Compactor Signage

(ABOVE) Recycling Signage.


(ABOVE) will give you a small compost bin and pick it up weekly from your doorstep.

        1. Always push the compactor start button so trash doesn’t pile up.
        2. Kitchen/Everyday Garbage only
          NO mattresses, construction debris that will clog up and stop the compactor. Paint or hazardous materials can either be put out for proper recycling on  CURB DAY (held once or twice yearly) or taken to CHaRM, see below.


          1. This is for small everyday items like recyclable aluminum cans, plastic, paper and broken-down boxes. 40% of metal in structural steel is from recycled content so recycle metal objects. NO GLASS, STYROFOAM, ELECTRONICS OR HAZARDOUS MATERIALS LIKE PAINT AND SOLVENTS.
          2. Furniture in good condition:  Good Will, The Atlanta Furniture Bank  or a similar type 501(c)3 will pick it up if too big for a car and give you a receipt so it can be written off your taxes. All these guys are picky when they pick up things so be sure and talk to them about what is acceptable.
          3. If not reusable or hazardous then make an appointment at CHaRM to recycle: Here is where to make an appointment and setup:


        Use ATL311 to do bulk pick up.

        1. Schedule the day for pick up and let the association know so we can schedule the gate open for the city.
        2. Place items on your reserved space the evening before the scheduled pickup.


    • CONSTRUCTION DEBRIS from remodeling must be taken off-site or put in your own construction waste dumpster- ask Scott about the most economical way to do this.


      • COMPOSTING: There are several places that can be contacted individually to pick up compost like but this is not a McGill Place Service. We realize the importance of compost and have been thinking about creating gardening terraces in our “gulch” (walk the north boundary area) that might utilize the vast energy in compost to grow individually maintained flower and vegetable gardens, but this is not a reality yet. Soon!