Sentry Management will direct you in the right direction and take care of connecting you with the McGill Board, closings, leasing, certificates of insurance for mortgage companies, all that.
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(ABOVE) Various views of McGill Place Residences.


Moving In: Welcome!
Inform Sentry Management and the McGill Board will provide you with a “Welcome!” document covering in detail the following:

  • New Resident Orientation-$25 gift card for attending a live session!
  • SeeClickFix is your one stop shop for all things “330 McGill,” including parking decals, mailbox keys, gate access devices, pest control, and outside maintenance.
  • Parking decal procurement.
  • Pods, U-Box permissions.
  • Moving Boxes- Flatten, break them down and put in the community recycling bins
  • Remodeling & Window Treatments-See Architectural Standards
  • What you need to know legally.
  • The community is certified for both VA and FHA loans.
  • 2 Pets
  • Vehicles: 2 parking decals come with each home, (1 designated spot and 1 guest spot). Guests can get temporary guest passes. Remote gate opener is $35.00, fob is $10.00.
  • Amenities: Pool, electric car charging station, expansive dog-friendly grounds, soon-to-be-dog park,  tree canopy that lowers the microclimate temperature and air-conditioning bills, re-cycling area (see rules).
  • FAQ
  • Get on the rental list (80% of homes are owner-occupied). After your unit is approved to lease here are Guidelines to follow:
    • Renter’s – Contact Sentry to know if your landlord is authorized to rent.
    • Landlord’s – Contact Sentry  to get your leases board approved by the board.
    • Use a lease form for Residential Property as from Georgia Realtors with the following addition:
      • Compliance with Declaration, Bylaws, and Rules and Regulations. Lessee agrees to abide and comply with all provisions of the Declaration, Bylaws, and rules and regulations adopted pursuant thereto. Owner agrees to cause all occupants of his or her Unit to comply with the Declaration, Bylaws, and the rules and regulations adopted pursuant thereto and is responsible for all violations and losses caused by such occupants, notwithstanding the fact that such occupants of the Unit are fully liable and may be sanctioned for any violation of the Declaration, Bylaws, and rules and regulations adopted pursuant thereto.
      • In the event that the lessee or a person living with the lessee violates the Declaration, Bylaws, or a rule or regulation for which a fine is imposed, such fine shall be assessed against the lessee; provided, however, if the fine is not paid by the lessee within the time period set by the Board of Directors, the Owner shall pay the fine upon notice from the Association of the lessee’s failure to pay the fine. Any lessee charged with a violation of the Declaration, Bylaws, or rules and regulations adopted pursuant thereto is entitled to the same procedure to which an Owner is entitled prior to the imposition of a fine or other sanction.
      • Any violation of the Declaration, Bylaws, or rules and regulations adopted pursuant thereto is deemed to be a violation of the terms of the lease and authorizes the Owner to terminate the lease without liability and to evict the lessee in accordance with Georgia law. The Owner hereby delegates and assigns to 330 McGill Place Condominium Association, Inc., acting through the Board, the power and authority to evict the lessee on behalf of and for the benefit of the Owner, in accordance with the terms hereof. In the event the Association proceeds to evict the lessee, any costs, including attorney’s fees and court costs, associated with the eviction shall be specially assessed against the Unit and the Owner thereof, such being deemed hereby as an expense which benefits the leased Unit and the Owner thereof.