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ACTIVITIES regularly scheduled at McGill Place and the Fourth Ward West Neighborhood on calendar below:

Waste Management Compactor Pickup – 1st Monday of the month
Conex Recycling – Noon every Monday
NatureScapes – Weekly every Wednesday
330 Board Meeting – Monthly every 3rd Thursday at 6pm
2022 Annual Meeting – Aug 28, 2022, Butler Baptist Church 6PM
Pool Opening/Closure – TBD
FWW Meetings – 1st Monday of the Month
NPU-M Meetings (includes FWW)- 4th Monday of the Month
NPU-M Public Safety – 3rd Thursday of the Month
NPU-M Land-Use – 2nd Monday of the Month

McGill PROJECTS involving utilities, buildings and landscape on calendar below:
— Utilities — Electrical, stormwater and sewer work. Google fiber is waiting for wireless to come to Atlanta (rolling this out from Texas).
Buildings — The Balcony Project is getting back on track. The Building Painting Project is in progress.
Landscape —  Over the  years 2022-2023 sustainable landscape will materialize and McGill will be a trailblazer in sustainable landscaping, which saves $$ and resources (paralleling energy efficiency in buildings), increases the health of our community and beyond, and increases our home values. See