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McGill Pool Safety Rules

Pool Signage

(ABOVE) Entry Signage

(ABOVE) Pool Rules Signage

(ABOVE) Pool Risks Signage

(ABOVE) No Grilling Signage

(ABOVE) No LifeGuard on Duty Signage

(ABOVE) Covid Signage
        1. Pool is open approx. May-Sept (Covid regulations require special protocols).
        2. Pool hours are 10 am -10 pm.
        3. Must register with Sentry for the ability to access pool gate.


        • POOL RULES
          1. No glass, sharp objects. or hazardous material allowed.
          2. No animals other than service animals allowed in pool area.
          3. Shower and rinse thoroughly before entering pool.
          4. No food or drink allowed within 5′ of pool edge.
          5. Children must be accompanied by an adult.
          6. Bathers with open wounds, skin conditions or any communicable condition not allowed.
          7. No Solo bathing.
          8. Bathers shall wear bathing attire.
          9. No spitting, spouting or blowing nose.
          10. No running or rough play allowed.
          11.  Bathing load: 80 persons.
          12. Pool hours 10 am -10 pm.
          13. NO DIVING ! In case of emergency call 911


      • POOL RISKS
        1. Shower before entering the water.
        2. Children shall not use the pool without an adult in attendance.
        3. Adults shall not swim alone.
        4. All children 3 years old and younger and any child not potty-trained must wear snug fitting plastic pants or a water-resistant swim diaper.
        5. Do not swim if the suction outlets are missing, broken, or not clearly visible from deck.
        6. No glass articles allowed in or around pool.
        7. Do not swallow the pool water.
        8. No Diving allowed.
        9. Do not swim if you have had diarrhea within the last 2 weeks.
        10. No animals are allowed in the pool or pool enclosure, except service animals are allowed on the deck.

  • No Grilling in pool area



    • Warning 01:  No lifeguard on duty, risk of drowning, supervise children closely.
      • Warning 02: Covid