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Community Management

COMMMUNITY MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATES, INC (CMA) is the place for all communication.

To communicate online with McGill Place CMA has a Vanaca online system:

  • The CMA homeowner portal is a one-stop-shop: 
    • It provides a singular environment for owners to communicate all issues, concerns and service requests, etc.
    • It also serves as a place in which all owner communication is formally documented, tracked and referenced so that all communication activity can be seen at the bottom portion of your personal dashboard.
    • Also take care of closings, leasing, certificates of insurance, assessments for violations, accounting, records, state and federal filings, negotiations with vendors and contracts, etc.
  • Go to “resident login” at the top of the page here  to access  entry dashboard below. 
How To Use the CMA Dashboard

(ABOVE)CMA Full Link Menu.

    Scroll down the page to a complete record of your CMA interactions under Recent Messages.

    1. Payments
    2. Requests-fill out form: Request Type – “message manager.” Do not select “service request.” This is done by CMA.
    3. Calendar & Events 
    4. Directory
    5. Documents such as:
      1. Certificate of Insurance (for your Mortgage Company: Community Association Underwriters of America, Inc.)
      2. Governing Documents (Legal information)
      3. You can also go here , fill out the form and they will send it to your mortgage company.
How To Get Your Stuff
    1. REPORT exterior building related issues   –use <Requests>
    <General Request>
    <Message Manager>
    CMA will send out the proper work person.
    2. ORDER Parking Decals SEE
    3. ORDER fobs and clickers. –use <Requests>
    <General Request>
    <Message Manager>
    CMA will US mail or pickup at CMA address below.
    4. GETTING LISTED The Visitor Box at gate enables a three digit code attached to your name. Once established the visitor can punch # in and it will call the phone number referenced in the security system to talk to you. Then push “9” on your keypad to let visitors in. –use <Requests>
    <General Request>
    <Message Manager>
    CMA will put into system.
    5. ONLINE PAYMENT  Login to CMA under <payments> Set up monthly and set paperless.
  • CMA Community Contact

    Vanessa Bush, CAM®, ARM®
    Portfolio Community Association Manager
    404.835.9307 | 800.522.6314 x9307
    [email protected]