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Architectural Standards

Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Request/Architectural Control Committee (ACC)

In 1986 when McGill Place was built, architects were transitioning from stark modernism  (like John Portmans) to a modernism with allusions to the past. This can be seen in the hipped roofs, gables, multi-paned windows, and half-moons on the porch gables.
With 188 units some individuality is invited in the public areas, but to protect our overall visual continuity, and keep it from looking absolutely unplanned, below are (I) procedure and (II) specification guidelines to get there fast. If you have an idea that looks good but is not quite to standard, please come to the board meeting and present your idea, we are very open-minded.

(ABOVE) Various views of McGill Place Residences.


#1. FIND SPEC:  Go to ARC folder under documents here and find spec.

#2. MAKE REQUEST: Go to <NEW REQUEST> here and choose <ARC> Request.

#3. Fill out ARCform.pdf– Upload ARC Form, spec and any other explanatory documents to ARC request in Portal.

4. The board or CMA will conditionally authorize the work after receiving #3.
5. Once the work is complete, notify the board and CMA Management the work is complete.
6. CMA Management and/or board will provide notice the work generally complies with the Specification (go to Step 6), or

  • If there is a deficiency, CMA Management will provide detail on what requires
  • Once corrections are made, go to Step 4.

6. Once the completed work has generally complied with the Specification, you are good to go!


Below is information on:
(Column 1) Architectural Standards and Guidelines
(Column 2) Specification Locations: either in the CMA Portal or McGill Place Condo Declarations
(3) Remodeling Information

(Column 1)
(Column 2) WHERE TO FIND  the spec that accompanies the request
Attic Insulation Spec: Reimbursement for supplementing attic insulation is available when the mean depth of the insulation falls below five inches (5”). CMA Portal under “Documents”
Door HW Replacement Spec: All items must be similar in type and style. CMA Portal under “Documents”
Flooring Hard Surface Spec: To reduce sound transfer only if your unit is above another unit. CMA Portal under “Documents”
Porch/Patio/Balcony Curtain Spec:  Shall be white or off-white in color and have tiebacks. CMA Portal under “Documents”
Porch Ceiling Fans Spec:  Fan must blend in with the existing porch ceiling material. CMA Portal under “Documents”
Porch Lights Spec CMA Portal under “Documents”
Porch Swing Spec CMA Portal under “Documents”
Porch Screened-in Install Spec CMA Portal under “Documents”
Porch and Patio Retractable Door Screen Spec CMA Portal under “Documents”
Porch Glass-in Install Spec Future Specification
Window Replacement Spec: Must look like original existing windows. CMA Portal under “Documents”
Special Permissions (flags, planted areas, etc):  Potted plants are fine if they are maintained and enhance common areas; if other do a request. Description and/or photo is all that is needed.
Storm Door  Install Spec CMA Portal under “Documents”
WHERE TO FIND (not subject to change or a spec because a Condo Declaration)
Window Treatments: If used and visible from the public exterior of a Unit shall be white or off-white in color and shall not be of reflective material. McGill Place Condo Declaration 6.19 in CMA Portal under “Documents”
Porch Furnishings: Only decorative elements that enhance the public views of the building exterior; no unsightly storage units. Limited Common Areas; McGill Place Condo Declaration 6.4 in CMA Portal under “Documents”
(3) REMODELING INFORMATION: An ARC review is not necessary if not impacting the architectural exterior. BUT protecting your neighbors’ property and your own is the owners’ responsibility:
– If moving walls consult with a qualified GC, architect or engineer.
– Electrical and plumbing must be completed by a certified professional.

  • Common Sense
  • Permit(s)
  • Common infrastructure
WHERE TO FIND: Remodeling McGill information

Future Specification