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Neighborhood Organizations

Created in 1974 by Mayor Maynard Jackson to enhance community information flow, participation and interaction, there are a hierarchy of organizations for grassroots participation in the City of Atlanta (COA) decision-making. McGill Place is in Atlanta City Council  District 2 and our council member and other representatives regularly attend these open communication channels:

      • Grassroots level 1: starts at the Fourth Ward West Neighborhood Group (FWW) where McGill Place is located.
      • Grassroots level 2: FWW joins with other downtown neighborhoods at NPU-M meetings.
      • Next Door Neighbors, O4W Business Association and Sweet Auburn Works provide further ways to obtain local information, connect and participate.

(ABOVE) FWW is one of 4 areas of which Old Fourth Ward is divided.

(ABOVE) NPU-M consists of the 4 areas of O4W, Downtown (ADNA), MSAA and Castleberry Hill .
(ABOVE) NPU-M is one of 25 Atlanta Neighborhood Planning Units-setup by Mayor Manard Jackson in 1974.
(ABOVE) Next Door Neighbors site.

(ABOVE) Old 4th Ward  Business Association.

(ABOVE) Sweet Auburn Works

FWW meets MONTHLY, EVERY 1st MONDAY at 6:30PM.
Shown at left, Old Fourth Ward is divided into 4 sections and McGill Place is in the FWW neighborhood group.
Going clockwise on O4W image at left is: FWW (Fourth Ward West), FWA (Fourth Ward Alliance), FWN (Fourth Ward Neighbors) and SAND (Sweet Auburn Neighborhood District).
The FWW meeting has been online since the pandemic so is EASY to attend, but in the past met in the Southface Building at 241 Pine Street a few blocks away.
VOTING: After attending 3 times in 12 months an individual can vote.
Register and get Newsletter for this meeting: HERE
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.
For meeting minutes and the agenda, click: HERE

McGill Place is in NPU-M  which meets MONTHLY, EVERY 4th MONDAY AT 6:15PM.
Seen on image at left, NPU-M is comprised of all four O4W neighborhoods (FWW, FWA, FWN, SAND), Downtown (ADNA), Castleberry Hill and part of the Marietta Street Artery Association (MSAA). NPU-M meetings have been online since the pandemic so are EASY to attend.
VOTING: A person who owns property or a business in the NPU-M can vote, no prior attendance is a prerequisite.
Register in advance for this meeting: HERE
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.
NPU-M is one of 25 Atlanta NPU’s:

Nextdoor is an app where you can connect to 275,000 neighborhoods globally, including good ol’ Fourth Ward West! See news posts of residents, resident frustrations,  sell stuff fast with free posts, connect to special interest groups, businesses and more.

Mission: We are your O4W business community.
We INFORM and educate about City of Atlanta events, initiatives and incentives.
We CONNECT you with resources necessary to build a sustainable business.
We ADVOCATE for small independent businesses on a city and state levels.
Here is a good link to explore small businesses in the community:

To Preserve, Revitalize, and Promote the commercial and cultural legacy of the Sweet Auburn Historic District. Sweet Auburn is where Martin Luther King was born in 1929 and where his memorial was located in 1968. A good book to read the full history of this area is: Where Peachtree Meets Sweet Auburn: A Saga of Race and Family