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GO TO Sentry Management page for the form to fill out for access to the station.

It is the 330 McGill Place Condominium Association’s mission to provide a great urban living community along with amenities that serve residents in meaningful ways. These are the rules and responsibilities for charging an electric vehicle (EV), hybrid or plug-in, using the 330 McGill EV charging facility(ies). The term “User” means an owner and their renter, tenant, roommate, or visitor. Owners are responsible for proper use of the EV facility(ies) the User.

There is a refundable $100 “key deposit” per deeded owner payable to the association prior to receiving a key for access to charge an EV:
  1. Owners must have a key for each EV utilizing the charger, except when being used by their visitor.
  2. Replacement key(s) or additional keys require a $250 deposit.
  3. Key deposit will be refunded upon return of the key with the greatest deposit amount being refunded first. Any charging or consumption fees must be satisfied prior to having a deposit returned.
  4. Keys may not be duplicated or purchased elsewhere and must be obtained from the association. Use of a foreign key may result in fines and loss of EV charging use.
Using the Charger:
  1. The User is to only charge an EV that is compatible with the EV facility.
  2. Non-occupant residents (i.e., visitors) may charge using the owner’s key; however, this is intended to be infrequent and part of the owner’s primary use of the amenity.
  3. User is to follow all safety precautions, posted rules and placards (e.g., 3 hour limit per day), and properly return the plug to its holster and hang the cable on the charger to avoid damage.
  4. User is expected to coordinate with other residents on their own for maximizing the benefit and equitable use of the amenity.
  5. The ongoing ability to charge an EV on premises is not guaranteed. Users should always have alternative options to charge off-site (charging from a unit is not permitted). The association may increase or decrease the number of facilities based on usage, need, and/or cost. The facility is subject to be unavailable due to loss of power, scheduled or unscheduled maintenance, or removal as the board deems in the best interest of the community.
  6. The cost of energy associated with EV charging will be evaluated annually to determine a per EV cost to charge the User, which will be assessed to the owner of record. This cost may be assessed monthly or annually as determined by the association board, to be paid in advance.
  7. The board may elect to convert EV charging to a commercial third-party service at its discretion to lessen the burden to manage the amenity. If so, the User will be required to comply with the requirements of the third-party service in addition to any rules set forth by the board.
  8. The User has a duty to report any maintenance needs or operational issues with the EV facility via the 330 McGill Place app.
  9. User must attend the EV charger use instructional session (15 minutes) on using the charger locking system prior to receiving a key.
Failure to follow these rules and responsibilities or any abuse of the amenity may result in fines or result in other action such as loss of the amenity.