Architectural Standards

Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Request

In 1986 when McGill Place was built architects were transitioning from stark modernism  (like John Portmans) to a modernism with allusions to the past. This can be seen in the hipped roofs, gables, multi-paned windows, and half-moons on the porch gables.
With 188 units some individuality is invited, but to protect our visual continuity and keep it from looking absolutely unplanned below are (I) procedure and (II) specification guidelines to get there fast. If you have an idea that looks good but is not quite to standard, please come to the board meeting and present your idea, we are very open-minded.

(ABOVE) Various views of McGill Place Residences.


1. Make sure you are within the Architectural Review Specifications guidelines in part (II) below.
2. With the specific specifications that are being utilized, submit an Architectural Review Committee (ARC) request using New Request then category Request-Architectural Review Committee(Not Public) at or on your phone app.
3. The board will conditionally authorize the work after receiving a
complete ARC form and spec describing the scope of work.
4. Once the work is complete, notify the board and Sentry Management the
work is complete.
5. Sentry Management and/or board will review the completed work for compliance with
the Specification and will provide notice the work generally complies with the
Specification (go to Step 6), or

  • If there is a deficiency, Sentry Management will provide detail on what requires
  • Once corrections are made, go to Step 4.

6. Once the completed work has generally complied with the Specification,
you are good to go!


Go to the Sentry Portal
On the side menu select : Community Information;
Cabinet: Association records;
Drawer: Community information;
Folder: Architectural Standards and Guidelines) for the following Architectural Review Specifications :

1.0-Hard Surface Flooring
2.1-Window Replacement
2.2- Window Treatments
3.0- Porches

  • 3.1 Porch Furnishings
  • 3.2 Porch Curtains
  • 3.3 Porch Fans
  • 3.4 Porch Insect Screen Install
  • 3.5 Porch Glass-in Install

4.0- Special Permissions: flags, planted areas, etc.


  • 5.1 Common Sense
  • 5.2 Permit(s)
  • 5.3 Common infrastructure